Past Newsletters

Lauren White

Family: I have a 14 year old daughter Alexa and an 11 year old son Nicholas.

Places she’d like to visit: Dubai

Favorite Hobbies: Tennis and Cooking

Favorite season: Fall- it always flies by since it’s busy season

What she likes most about her job: Helping my busy clients so that their trade show shipping process is easy and seamless.

Truck Capacity is Getting Tight!
Trucking companies are flexing their pricing power, pushing retailers and manufacturers to pay more to buy into a strong U.S. economy and adding to inflation pressures in supply chains. Third-quarter reports from major trucking companies suggest gains are being driven by tight capacity that is pushing shippers to pay more to move goods, even as volume indicates the high demand that flooded truckers with freight earlier in the year is leveling off. Transportation companies have benefited from a more than yearlong stretch of robust shipping demand as strong economic growth pushes more freight through logistics networks. At the same time, tight capacity has given carriers more leverage on price, spurring double-digit increases in the long-term contract rates shippers negotiate with transport providers.What does this mean for you as the customer? It means the high-quality carriers Greenway utilizes to create a smooth and quality shipping experience…may see a significant increase in price. We constantly negotiate rates with carriers to ensure a reasonable price for our customers. But in the heat of this driver shortage, we will soon face an increase, as will the entirety of the shipping industry.


Greenway would like to thank all our customers who attended Pack Expo this year. We appreciate you allowing us to help ship your materials to and from the show. Ash, Lauren, and Jodie had a blast meeting and greeting with everyone and watching materials load on site. We are already looking forward to next year’s Pack Expo in Las Vegas!

Corey Knight, Manager
Greenway Logistics

Will we see you in December?

  • 2018 Powergen
  • Groundwater Week
“Always our pleasure. You guys do an excellent job for us! ”
-Steve, Loyal Greenway Customer
Greenway Logistics, LLC | 126 N Atherton Street State College, PA 16801 |

Jodie Metcalf

Family: Youngest of four girls, one niece.

Places she’d like to visit: Italy and Spain

Favorite Hobbies: Photograph, Hiking, and antiquing

Favorite season: Summer as I love the long daylight hours and being able to spent time outdoors.

What she likes most about her job: The customers I work with are what keep me on my toes and sane.

Favorite Movies: Sweet Home Alabama, Wild Hogs

Favorite Sports teams: Baseball: Nationals/Orioles, Football: Denver Broncos

Some helpful shipping tips

Packaging with care: Make sure you don’t ship items that can be taken with you, prioritize shipping your heavy package but beware because the heavier the package the more it will cost. Make sure that all the materials are tightly secured with as few boxes or crates as possible and don’t forget to secure & protect your material by adding bubble wrap or foam padding!

Palletizing matters: The more handling there is the longer it’ll take for your package to arrive, for fastest results secure your packages with a pallet. Be smart and stack the heavy packages at the bottom when you put them on a pallet and separate electronics, specialty equipment, fragile items, display items, and backdrops onto a different pallet marked fragile.

Reading your exhibitor manual is crucial: Make sure to check your trade show and convention shipment rules because it is crucial that you ship your package to the right location (every trade shows and conventions are different). Ship your package as soon as possible to give your package plenty of time to arrive. Always use expedited or guaranteed shipping services when shipping trade show materials.

Pay attention to labels: Be sure to follow your trade show or convention labeling requirements. Make sure to include the pickup & drop off location address, exhibitor’s name, booth number, show name, contractor name, street address, estimated time and date of arrival on all shipment labels.

Please let us know how we can assist you!

Warm regards,

Corey Knight, Manager
Greenway Logistics

Will we see you in November?

“I have to say that I have only been doing the shipping part of this business for a little while now, but after the MANY mistakes I have seen shippers make in the past, this was handled the best! I don’t think I have ever worked with another shipper that I have witnessed going this far to help out me and my client! To sum it all up, thank you! Your quick responses and help made all of this run smoothly! ”
-Andy, Loyal Greenway Customer
Greenway Logistics, LLC | 126 N Atherton Street State College, PA 16801 |